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Walter Scott the murderer has finally been convicted of murder

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  Former North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager Listens to Judge Clifton Newman Declares Wrong in Charleston County Court in Charleston, SC, 5 December 2016.

officer Former North Charleston Police Michael Slager Listens to Judge Clifton Newman Declares a Mistake in Charleston County Court in Charleston, SC, 5 December 2016. [19659004] Grace Beehm – Paul / Getty Images

Former White Police officer in South Carolina was Has been arrested while filming the video eight times in a black-black driver See the gunman as he fled in the opposite direction, which then appeared to plant a pillar on a dead body, was convicted on Thursday of murder and obstruction of justice. The federal conviction of Michael Slager in the killing of Walter Scott comes almost a year after a state jury was unable to reach a similar verdict in what was believed to be one of the most open and closed cases by the police officer in recent memory.

US. Judge David Norton sentenced Slager to 20 years' imprisonment after considering the guidelines she recommended between 19 and 24 years.

The Associated Press reported that his young son, a high school student, described what his father was losing and asked the judge to sentence him to the maximum punishment possible:

Miles Scott, carrying a picture of his father, has trouble sleeping since his father's death. He misses watching football matches with his father, and it can not be impossible to be able to watch with him a game they both love.

"I miss my father every day," Miles Scott said through tears. "I would like you to judge the defendant with the strongest punishments allowed by the laws because he killed my only and only father."

Last December, Slager was wrongly handed down after a series of jury notes indicated that a juror in the group of one black man, six white men, and five white women were wrestling to vote on the conviction. What made the initial lack of judgment such a more precarious is the awful video availability, taken by passers-by, which showed Slagger's assassination essentially as Scott fled after a routine traffic stop, shooting a car driver eight times and hitting him five times in the back. The video also showed Slayer dropping Taser by the body before picking him up on April 4, 2015 killing in North Charleston. Slager claimed in the police report that Scott attacked him and stole his support. "I do not know why I dropped him on the ground," Slager said during his trial. "My opinion was like a spaghetti."

During his federal trial, a psychiatrist also saw that Slager had told him that he had a "fight" with Scott but the former policeman could not remember any specific details. The defense did not seem to be flying with Judge Norton, who was in possession of the entire State case file for review.

The Scott family was emotional while reading the impact data of the victim, and some members of his family offered the forgiveness. "I'm not angry with you, Michael, Michael, I forgive you, Michael, I'm calling for you now and for your family, because we went through a shock," said Scott Anthony's brother.

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